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Devon 2016


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Steve Morgan and his Laverda

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Freedom Riders First


Blob's Oafeways Collection <<<<<Read this- such a laugh



The following members (or associates) may be contacted via this web site if a link is shown.

If you would like your name added to the list below, and, by virtue of adding it here, added to the e-mail list for club members then e-mail me. Please note your e-mail address may well then be circulates to all those on this list.

The list below is in no order and members and associates of the club are mixed together, although more "fringe" associates are shown at the foot of the page.

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Members Name / Nickname

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Andy Peters (Pippin)


Web site


Steve Morgan




Stephen Cross (Beaver)

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Web Site


Picture Gallery

Mo Benner

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Picture Gallery

Mike Snarey



Jan Snarey


Paul Gilbey


Mick Benner

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Philip Duerden

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Web site

Web site

Picture Gallery

Lee Elton (Eel)

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Malcolm Tibby

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Picture Gallery

Pete and Yvey Benner

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Picture Gallery


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Mandy Bell

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Picture Gallery

Colin Garrett (Blob)


Graham Moody (Frank)


Simon George






Dave Mort


Picture Gallery

Colin Peters (Bro'of Pippin)

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Pete Thompson/Popeye

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Martin Brookes/Maggot

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Keith Jones


Peter Murray (Little Pete)

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Alan Whiles

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Below this line are people who we are still in touch with who were either fringe associates in the early days or who have "joined the group" more lately

Wayne and Liz


Tina Roberts


Rob Burke (Burky)


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